The Martingale Roulette Betting System.

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The Martingale Roulette Betting System. Roulette strategy can be split into two categories: positive and negative progression. These terms refer to the way you adjust your bets based on the previous action. For example, a positive progression system requires you to increase the size of your bet. Following a winning spin and decrease it after a losing spin.

In contrast, a negative progression online roulette strategy requires you to increase the size of your bet. After a losing spin and decrease once you win. These are the foundations on which almost all roulette betting systems are based. UFABET We will discover later on just why those foundations are far from sound.

The roulette Martingale system uses a classic negative progression strategy. Basically, you increase the size of your bet each time you lose. In this instance, you double the size of your bet. Then assuming that you win, you revert back to your initial stake. The logic here is that you’ll make a profit of one unit (i.e., a bet equal to the size of your opening bet) when you hit a winning spin.


Bet $10 on black – Lose. (Results in a loss of Minus $10)

Bet $20 on black – Lose (Results in $20 + $10 loss = Minus $30)

Bet $40 on black – Win ($30 loss cancelled out by $40 win = Plus $10 overall)

To put it another way, the Martingale system advocates that you keep doubling your bet until you win. (You won’t be surprised to hear that the Reverse Martingale system advocates taking the opposite approach). Then if and when you do win. The amount you make will cancel out the previous run of losses and leave you with a small profit. The roulette Martingale system is supposed to be used on what are referred to as ‘even-money bets’ e.g., red/black, odd/even or 1-18 (low)/19-36 (high).

The basis of the system is that you’ll always make a one-unit profit when you win. Therefore, roulette Martingale betting is applied on bets which offer odds of close to even.