Manchester City back to England to wait for the championship

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Manchester City packed up from their hotel this morning to head back to England. Getting ready for Monday’s title parade,

Manchester City players dangled their medals and left the hotel smiling, while goalkeeper Ederson boarded a bus still holding a bottle. With a beer on,

Pep Guardiola waved to fans waiting to drop off their players, while Riyad Mahrez got his McDonald’s ordered before walking into Jack Greili’s car. Cho still plays with the fans even after getting on the bus with his head popping out of the sunroof. ทางเข้า

Many of the players partyed late into the night following their win over Inter Milan at the Ataturk Stadium, Grealish

headed to a nightclub to celebrate, while Erling Haaland posted a picture of himself. himself smokes a cigar to celebrate his victory on Instagram

Man City’s title celebrations will continue when they return to England. There will be a Championship Parade in Manchester tomorrow (Monday),

with the parade kicking off at 6:30pm local time. It starts at Tonman Street, Deansgate before heading to St Mary’s Gate, then passes Cross Street and King Street before ending at the corner of Princess Street. Street intersects with Portland Street.

In addition, the Oxford Street stage will be set up and the players will arrive around 7:30pm.