James Bond system (Non progressive)

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Revealing the James Bond system strategy in casino roulette tips that have been discussed quite a bit. Is to use the formula according to the protagonist in the movie. The principle of this formula is to divide money into 20 parts. And distribute bets on every number on the wheel except numbers 1-12, i.e. 14 parts of money used to bet on high numbers 19-36. 5 parts of money used to bet on line numbers 13-18. And another 1 part of the money is used to bet 0. Which the player must place the same bet every round. It is a system that appears to have the objective of reducing the house edge.

Advantages /disadvantages of the James Bond system

+ High chance of guessing correctly

– Must place a high bet every round

– Even if you win, it might not be worth it.

– High risk, both short and long term UFABET 

For example, using the James Bond system.

The bet amount is 200 baht, divided into 20 parts. The amount of money placed per round can be as follows:
high number bet, 140 baht (14 parts)
, street bet, 50 baht (5 parts),
zero bet, 10 baht (1 part). Section)
If drawing a high number, you get 280 baht, you lose 60 baht
If you draw a street number, you get 250 baht. You lose 150 baht
If you draw a number zero, you get 350 baht. You lose 190 baht
If you draw numbers 1-12, you lose 2000 baht.

Although it seems that it can be quite profitable to play each round. But the risks are also very high. Because there are not many chances that the ball will drop in the numbered 1-12 box, and the dealer’s advantage will remain the same. Therefore, following the James Bond formula is considered quite dangerous.