Cancelo reiterates that he wants to stay at Barca next season.

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Joao Cancelo has made it clear that he wants to play for Barcelona next season and is likely to agree a one-year loan deal.

Joao Cancelo, Portugal international full-back has revealed his desire to continue playing for Barcelona next season. But whether the 29-year-old defender fulfills his wish or not depends on negotiations between the two clubs. According to a report from Deario Sport on Monday UFABET

Cancelo moved from Manchester City to Barcelona on loan this season and has no option to sign a permanent deal. It is said that the Blues are asking for compensation of 25-30 million euros for releasing players from the club. But with the current financial situation of the Azulgrana team. There is not enough budget to carry out such a matter.

According to the report.

Cancelo has made it clear that he wants to continue playing with Barcelona. ​​But it depends on negotiations between the Azulgrana and City. With Jorge Mendes, Ful’s representative. The 29-year-old revealed talks have gone well and it is likely he will join the Catalan giants on loan for another season.

Cancelo moved from Benfica to play with Valencia on loan in the 2014-2015 season before signing a permanent contract with the Bats. During that time, he moved to play with Inter Milan on loan. Then moved to play with Juventus in the summer of 2018. Followed by Manchester City the following summer. 

Manchester City let Cancelo move to Bayern Munich on loan in the second half of last season. Before moving to play with Barcelona on loan this season. 

‘I was lucky to only play with big teams. I am proud of my football career because no one gave me any gifts. And I conquered everything with sacrifice.’ Cancelo said. ‘I still don’t know anything. (about the future) But I want to stay here. I grew up watching Barcelona under Ronaldinho. He was my idol. I am proud to wear this shirt. And there’s probably no other club I can join, right?’