Calvin Phillips needs time to adapt to the team.

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Manchester City head coach Pep Guardiola admits Calvin Phillips needs time to adapt to the team. After moving to the football team on the summer.

Phillips joined Manchester City from Leeds United last summer for a whopping £42m. Which could rise to £45m. But his start came with injury. Therefore making it now only played 6 games.

Phillips has previously admitted it was difficult to adapt to City’s style of play to which Pep replied: “It’s not difficult. UFABET The way we want to play with the ball is simple.

“Jack (Grealish) has spoken to me about this before. And I told him to do whatever you want. Move wherever you want.”

“But with Calvin it was different. He had to settle in his position. And sometimes you need more time to adjust.”

Calvin Phillips returns from the 2022 World Cup with England. With excess weight. But now Guardiola is satisfied with the physical condition of the players.

“He’s ready. He needs a little more time. But it’s ready.” Pep said of Wednesday’s Carabao Cup quarter-final tie at Southampton.

“We have to wait and see. (Whether he’ll start or not) but he’s smart and usually plays as a holding midfielder. He has amazing work discipline. bred at Leeds under the supervision of Marcelo (Bielsa)”