Dry eyes are a disease that anyone can get.

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Dry eyes are a disease that anyone can get.

There are many causes of dry eyes. But what is often found is There is a decrease in tear production, especially in people who get ทางเข้า ufabet older. Taking certain medications such as antihistamines, anti-anxiety medication, wearing poor quality or incorrect contact lenses, eye allergies, chronic eyelid inflammation or conjunctivitis. People who have had Lasik or eye surgery. Who have problems with not being able to close their eyes completely. Including during the winter when the weather is dry, windy, drinking little water, reading books or using the computer for a long time. It can also make tears evaporate.

Therefore, take care and prevent dry eyes. You should look at the cause, such as people.

Who have to use their eyesight or are in front of a computer all day. You should rest your eyes every 30-60 minutes by closing your eyes for 1-2 minutes and blinking often. People who wear contact lenses should not wear them for more than 8 hours per day. People who must take antihistamines regularly You may need to use artificial tears. Drink lots of water and avoid areas with strong winds.

But if you want to live in an area where the weather is dry, hot, or windy, you should wear glasses to block the sun and wind that cause dry eyes.

In addition, if you eat foods that help nourish your eyes, such as vegetables, fruits, fish or seafood that contain essential fatty acids or omega 3, they will help the tears evaporate more slowly.

However, we should take care of our eyes by resting them periodically. Do not use your eyes for many hours in a row and blink frequently. Let there be tears coating your eyes all the time. Because if we let our eyes become very dry It will make the cornea not smooth and clear. Corneal surface inflammation It can cause irritation and blurred vision.